Who Are We?

Our team is made up of a diverse group of undergraduate students who hail from all majors, years, and regions of the world.All of our consultants and workshop leaders are chosen based on their demonstrated commitment to having an impact on the community through their work as leaders in their respective fields.We encourage students from all schools, regardless of past consulting or teaching experience, to join and learn from each other in a collaborative team environment. We reward dedication and outstanding performance with leadership positions including those on the Executive Board.

What Do We Do?

At the beginning of each semester we recruit new consultants to join our team of returning members. Interested applicants are expected to submit an online application and participate in an individual interview with our Project Managers.

Because we do not require previous consulting experience, throughout the semester you will receive valuable training in the areas of consulting, client interaction, and intercultural relationships. Our training sessions are led by a wide range of experienced professionals, including Penn professors, student peers, and student organizations.

Our consultants typically spend 1-3 hours a week working with their team, subcommittee, and individually on tasks related to their engagement project. We expect our consultants to display a high level of commitment and flexibility in order to generate excellent results for our clients.

We provide our consultants a real-world experience that truly impacts individual lives and the greater West Philadelphia community. At the end of the client engagement, our consultants have a better understanding of the issues faced by small business owners in Philadelphia and feel empowered to use their professional skills for good.