Registration is closed for the Fall semester.

CFA Computer Literacy Project is a Wharton Field Challenge course (MGMT 353) that equips Penn students to teach computer-based workshops in the West Philadelphia community. During our inaugural semester (Fall 2013), our students taught interactive workshops on Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint and Facebook to groups of about 40-50 community members.

Students are expected to enroll in the course at the beginning of the semester and attend once-a-week, 1.5 hour long class sessions. During the semester, students are expected to submit several short, written assignments and to hold and participate in three, Saturday community workshops with their classmates. This course is highly collaborative in nature.

During class sessions, students will learn how to conduct needs assessments, develop evaluation tools, create workshop curricula, and lead interactive workshops. A past student reflected on the class, saying, “I don’t really think that I ever gave teaching much of a thought as a career choice at any time in my life before this class but now I am certainly starting to reconsider.”

View this semester's syllabus here.