Labor of Love

Kelly Zhou (E’15) is a former student instructor of CFA’s Computer Literacy Project program. This is her reflection on her first experience as a Workshop Assistant at one of the computer workshops.

People say that things are always harder than it looks. Teaching this Saturday proven the statement to be completely accurate. It was really great seeing and greeting all the smiling faces as I waited by the elevator Saturday morning. Everyone was extremely enthusiastic and excited to be here and to learn. I think the workshop started out really well with the introduction of the program. The starbursts activity was a really nice touch and got the participants to be fully engaged in the class. There were definitely rough points during the class where students got frustrated or tired because the lesson was either going too slow or too fast. However overall, the workshop was extremely helpful. I believe every person walked away with something new, including myself.

This was my first time teaching a large group of students. I’ve had tutoring experiences in the past but it is definitely not comparable. In addition, my previous tutoring experiences have all been with younger students or children. Therefore, I had to change and cater my teaching styles to an older group. As a TA, I got to go around the room and help out a lot of students. There were many unique and passionate individuals with all different levels of knowledge about excel. The kinds of questions they asked reflected this. There were many remarkable participants but one lady really stood out. She carried with her a tablet size portable electronic device that enlarges the computer screen due she has very poor eyesight. The device enlarged everything on the screen at least 500x or more. I was just really amazed and in awe at the dedication she had to continue to learn new things especially on a computer with her disability. Personally I would be really frustrated but I really admired and respected her commitment and passion to learn. She kept apologizing for being slow and I continued to reassure her that it was no problem and she shouldn’t get frustrated at all for that learning new programs takes time. After class, she tapped me as she left and thank me for all my help and told me that she is excited for the other workshops. It really warmed my heart.